It doesn’t matter to us when you order a single piece or a whole bunch of dobok.
We always do our best to make every of our customers happy and satisfied with our service.
The appreciation we receive from our customers worldwide is our motivation to keep improving and growing.
Thank all of you for the nice words we received so far.


Please feel free to read more what our customers wrote 🙂

“Hello K-dobok-team

You have my highest compliments! The uniforms exceeded my expectations.
They look great and each fits perfectly. My staff and I are very pleased. …”
” The uniforms turned out great! They work well in class replacing the heavy weight judo uniforms for the staff. I’ve received many compliments both from the students as well as the staff. A digital photo is attached should you choose to use it.”

Master Bill Patterson

K.S. Hyun’s Hapkido Schools – Chicago Illinois


I’m sorry that it’s taken me such a time to respond but I’ve been busy and wanted to share with you something about my new uniform. I love it.
It feels good, it handles my training and it fits well when I move after a wash.
I will be looking to have all my future black belts wear these uniforms and so wanted to say thank you for your time.
Other than that I am very happy so far with my uniform and look forward to getting another in the near future.

Thank  you once again for your time and attention.”

James Guilar

Rising Phoenix Health and Fitness – Queensland – Australia


Thanks to you for the usual excellent service. My shibomdan gets complimented very much on their unique uniforms. I am very happy to have found K-dobok 🙂 …”

Master Luis Flores – Union City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

“Hello, I just received the doboks.

The doboks are very nice, the belt too ! I am impatient to train with them !
Thank you again for the doboks and belt.

Have a nice day, “

Jennifer Delaunay – France

“Hello K-dobok,

We have Dobok inside along with the belts, they are great,  it fits us well.
Thanks for the support. We are happy.
Have a good weekend.”


Dolf Mengerink – Changmi Hapkido – the Netherlands

“We received the package yesterday and are very happy (to say the least).
We would like to thank you on our behalf for a very quick delivery and very professional service.”

Kind regards,

Jan Jacobs – Korean Martial Arts Vorselaar – Belgium

“Good evening K-dobok,

I have received yours belts this morning.
Like  usual they are great.
I want to thank you for your help and for your little souvenirs from Korea

Keep in touch.”

Jean-Jacques Nivarlet – Taekwondo & Hapkido Mons Belgium

“Sorry for the late reply, I have received the dobok in perfect state.
I will purchase two more soon.

Thank you! ”

Tae Ho Kang Lee – Hapkido Spain

“Hello. Thank you. Everything is well with the doboks. Just received it.”

Master Henri – Ultimate Martial Arts – Guam

“Good morning, I received my order yesterday the summer doboks. All right.
Thanks for your attention and professionalism.”

Armando Pons Roda – Hwarang Kumdo Spain

” Hi K-dobok,

I am writing to let you know all packages arrived safely and in excellent condition. My doboks all fit great. I have not taken Kwanjangnim’s size 190cm to him yet, but I am sure all will be fine. If there are any problems I will let you know. I really do look forward to making future orders and hope that it be you I deal with. If not you then they better be as good as you are. Thank you greatly for all you have done. Until later. Sincerely,

Troy Rodriguez – New York

“hello K-dobok

Already received the doboks. We are absolutely satisfied with the quality, and quick shipping. This store is fully recommended.

a great greeting from Chile.

Thank you so much”

David Narvaez – Chile


Today the Dobok already arrived and it fits PERFECTLY!

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I wanted. Glad I bought the Dobok from you. It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend K-Dobok to others. I am extremely satisfied with my order. I wish you a nice forthcoming weekend and please forward greetings to the team if this is possible. You did an amazing job. Maybe we’ll here from one another again 🙂

PS: Should I take a photo with my Dobok on and send it to you?

Have a nice day!”

Annie Wong- Germany

“Ok I received my 도복. I am extremely happy with it and am very pleased.:)
I will definitely be shopping with K-Dobok in the future.

Thank you!”

Robert Kay – USA


I just received the swords today! Very quick shipping!

These two swords are wonderful! I’m very surprised by the aluminum sword. I have handled others, but I really love the feel of this one.  Some of my students have aluminum kagums from MAS-Butouken, and this feels just as good if not better.  I purchased a steel Kagum from them many years ago, and it is in heavy use, but I will see this aluminum sword getting used quite often also!

The Ssangsoodo is great also! It’s very heavy, but I’ve learned that weapons like that you use the weight for your power. I have a Chinese Pudao by Paul Chen Hanwei that is just about as heavy, so I’m no stranger to heavy weapons. I think this will be an excellent addition to my growing collection!

Again, thank you so much for the help!

Eric Cunningham – Chicago