Korean swords

As from 2019, May 1st we offer customized aluminum and real swords exclusively made by some of the few remaining  swords makers in Korea.

Those quality swords can be used for your daily sword training.
We have different options to customize the blade and sheath to your personal desire.

For overseas shipping of ‘Jingeom’ we will take care of the necessary documents for export and customs.

Specifications of these swords can be found at the bottom of this page.


Kageom or Jingeom ?

Kageom are practice swords made of aluminum.
Our kageom are made of  high quality aluminum and they produce a sharp whistle sound effect when you execute the correct cutting angle.
They are excellent for performing forms and for cutting (news) paper & cucumber, candle snuffing etc.
Customization of the blade and sheath is possible.
Check the options below.

Jingeom are practice swords made of steel.
You can choose among 2 different types of steel.
Without going into any technical detail we categorize them into a normal steel and a special (carbon steel) quality.
Both are excellent for cutting straw mats and bamboo poles.

The difference between both qualities is that the normal quality can be slightly damaged when you hit other types of steel, while you won’t notice any damage on the special (carbon steel) quality. Be aware that the special (carbon steel) quality might be as twice expensive as the normal quality.

Customization of the blade and sheath is possible.
Check the options below.

Overseas shipping of ‘Jingeom’

All the Jingeom have their unique registration number which has to be registered at the Korean Police office.
For overseas shipping of ‘Jingeom’ it is necessary that each Jingeom is accompanied with the necessary documents for export and customs.
 K-dobok will take care for these. 

Before placing an order check the regulations regarding the possession of real weapons in your country since they vary depending on the country of destination. K-dobok is not responsible for the regulations in your country.

Option 1 : Customization of the blade

  • The length of our aluminum and real swords can be customized according to your size
    In order to make the correct sword for your practice we need your total height and arm length from shoulder to middle finger in centimeters !
  • Manual or laser engraving on the blade is possible (your name in English or Korean or a design like a dragon, bamboo, birds, etc).
    If you have a special logo please send it to us so we can check it out if it is possible to engrave it.

Option 2 : Customization of the sheath 

In order to produce cheap swords many factories use MDF to produce sheaths.
All our sheaths for jingeom & kageom are made from endurable high quality camphor wood.
This wood from Asian origin is normally used  for high quality chopping boards, tables and furniture.
We also make sure that the sword fits very well in the sheath and that it doesn’t fall out during practice or carrying.

  • Color : you can choose your own color for the sheath.  One plain color, two gradient colors or just natural wood color are possible.
  • Pattern : you can decorate your sheath with a dragon, tiger or bird.
  • Minhwa or a traditional Korean painting is also possible.
    Among the most used designs are dragons, tigers and lotus flowers.
    Since there are so many patterns available it is impossible to upload them all.

If you have any other wish to decorate your sheath please let us know.

Korean Traditonal painting

Estimated fabrication time before shipping is 10 to 14 days.

Specifications of the aluminum swords above :

Length of the blade = +- 79 cm 
Length of the sword = +- 107 cm 
Total length sword & sheath = 110 cm
Weight of sword = +- 600 gram
Total weight sword & sheath = +- 820 gram
Total weight delivered in a black fabric bag = +- 950 gram

Quality aluminum sword (kageom) with a sheath in 1 plain color starting from U$ 150

Other types of Korean swords are available on request.

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@k-dobok.com.