Basic dobok

Besides customized dobok we also offer a wide arrange of basic dobok for practitioners of Hapkido, Hankido, Haedong Gumdo, Hanguk Gumdo, Kyeok Too Ki, Teugong Moosool, …

What are basic dobok ?

Our basic dobok are ready made dobok that we  always have in stock.
We  can pick them straight from the shelf and print them.
We can personalize these dobok with text prints and logo but we CAN NOT adjust these dobok in size or by adding extra stripes, colors etc.

These dobok are also made of a high quality fabrics made in Korea and when treated properly they will keep their qualities for a long time !

They are often used as a dobok for beginners so we normally have them in stock.

A white belt is not included but can be ordered additionally.

What are the additional options ?

For a small extra fee we can also print the TEXT on the back, arms and legs in 2 or 3 colors.
If you want to have a logo printed please send it to us first to see if it is possible.
Sometimes logo’s are too complicated. Please send us the file in AI, JPEG, PSD, or vectorized PDF or TIFF.  An extra start up fee for editing and adjusting the logo into our system might be possible.
Once this fee is paid this logo can always be used for free later on.

The picture below shows the basic ready made dobok that we have in stock.
More information about each dobok and their available sizes can be found in the menu.

If you have more questions please contact us for more information.