Embroidered belts

For ordering an embroidered belt please select width, size (length) and embroidery options.

Select the width 

We offer black belts in 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm width.

Select your size 

You can pick one of the numbers mentioned in the list below :

  • Size 2  :    240 cm
  • Size 3 :     260 cm
  • Size 4 :     280 cm
  • Size 5 :     300 cm
  • Size 6 :     320 cm

Embroidery options

There are various ways to embroid the requested text on your belt.
You can pick from the options below.

It is also possible to use white or silver color for the embroidery.
If you have any other request please let us know.


Check out the next video to see how skillful our employees can embroid your belt.