Our prices

Each dobok and every order is different and that’s why you can’t find any price on our website.

The price of our dobok really depends on what you want  :

  • the quality of the fabric – we have different fabrics that can be used for your dobok, from light to heavy quality, all with a different price 
  •  prints and logo – the prints available on our website can be used for free, when you want your own logo a one time set up fee is applicable
    If you want extra prints on in more than one color, the price might slightly increase.
  • the total amount of dobok – we can save time when we can make more dobok from the same style

Not included in our price : shipping and eventual Paypal handling fee

Discounts for masters, school or gym owners

Please send us your profile and website adress and we will give you discount on your order.

For customized dobok  :

3% for a combination of 10 different style customized dobok and more.

5% discount on 10 same style customized dobok

7% discount on 20 same style customized dobok

For basic dobok :

 5 % discount with a the minimum order of 25 dobok.

For bigger bulk orders of basic dobok please contact us , we will do our best to give you an answer within 48 hours.

Unfortunately we don’t have any price list or catalogue for sending !