The price information will always be sent to you in your own currency (€, US $, AUD $, etc.)  depending on your location/delivery address.
The amount is subject to exchange rates since our basic price is always in Korean won.
So there can be always be a little price difference between your old and new orders.

How can you pay ?

99% of our customers use PAYPAL to pay. It is a fast, easy and secure way to pay.

How does it work ?

After you confirmed your order, we will send you a PAYPAL payment invitation to pay to our emailaddress. You will be informed by PAYPAL that you received the Payment invitation.

Please let us know if you want to use  a Paypal account that is connected with a different email address !

Do you need a PAYPAL account to pay ?

NO. You don’t need to have a PAYPAL account !

PAYPAL will send our payment invitation to your email address and will guide you through the process. PAYPAL is available in different languages.

You can pay straight from you PAYPAL or banc account or even with Maestro, VISA or Master Card.  You can choose the option you want.

The Paypal handling fee

A Paypal handling fee  of 4,4% will be applied on the total amount (your order + shipping).

Is there another way to Pay ?

On request you can also pay by our bank account.
Any additional charges for the transfer by bank are on the expenses of the buyer.

Please note that we don’t accept payments made by Western Union bank.

If you have any other questions please let us know via