Choosing a dobok ?

What is a dobok ?

As a passionate lover of a Korean martial arts this might be an easy one, not ?
However when you or your kids  enroll to any Korean martial arts program it is good to know that the uniform used during class is called  a ‘DOBOK’ in Korean.
Most of the time you can get or purchase the dobok from your master or teacher. If not, make sure to get the right DOBOK since the different martial arts use slightly different uniforms. Jacket and pants can vary in length, width, color, fabric etc.

Ready made basic, customized or tailored ?

Should you buy a (ready made) basic, a customized or tailored dobok ?
The answer depends really on your needs and your budget.
A short explanation of the 3 different types here below gives you a better idea what you have to order.

What is a ready made basic dobok ?

Most of the dobok that you can find for the martial arts in general are ready made dobok. Most of the time your favorite martial arts store has them in stock.
Quite often nothing about the dobok can be changed when you buy it, beside adding some patches or a text print.
The ready made dobok is absolutely the cheapest deal.
We have different ready made dobok in stock for Hapkido, Kumdo, Haedong Kumdo, Kyeoktuki etc. Find out more here.

What is a customized dobok ?

A customized dobok is a dobok that we have to make it according to the customers desire and expectations.  That means that you can pick the design for your dobok based on the designs available on our website. This dobok can be fully customized by changing the original colors and fabrics to those available on our website. Also the text and logo prints can be changed to your own desire. It is even possible to combine the jacket from one dobok with the pants of another dobok.

Check out our customizing possibilities

What is a tailored dobok ?

A tailored dobok is a little bit different from a customized dobok  in that way that you can ask us to adjust the size of some parts of the dobok.
If you have longer or shorter legs, bigger arms or a chest with more volume than we have to adjust these sizes according to the information we get from you.
Of course this takes more fabric and time and therefore the price might slightly increase.

The answers to many questions are covered in the FAQ, if not you can always send us an email at